Clarence Zarnes Sergeant Major (Ret.) U.S. Army Real Estate Professional, Instructor, and Award-Winning Author


Florida Licenses:  Broker Associate - BK3416817 | Instructor - ZH1003978 | Provider - 734

Clarence Zarnes - Bio

Clarence retired from the U.S. Army in 2009, after 28 years of distinguished service. He is also a former Professional Development Director for the Osceola County Association of REALTORS®.

He holds a Broker Associate License, a Real Estate Instructor License, and is a Florida Real Estate Course Provider & Award-Winning Author.

Specializing in Vacant Land and Veteran Advocacy, Clarence works primarily in the Central and Eastern Counties of Florida with Buyers and Sellers of all needs. He is passionate about helping others achieve their personal and professional real estate goals. His lifetime of service to clients and fellow professionals continues with the:

     • Florida Planning and Zoning Association 

     • Florida REALTORS® 

     • Florida REALTORS® Board of Directors 

     • Orlando Regional REALTORS® Association 

     • Orlando Regional REALTORS® Association Military Advisory Council Chairman

      Florida Association of Veteran Owned-Businesses (Former Board of Director Member)

Whether protecting this great county, mentoring others, or protecting homeownership and private property rights, Clarence is a passionate voice, advocate, and facilitator. He is living the American Dream!

The Benefits of Land Ownership

Land ownership can be a profitable and rewarding addition to your investment portfolio.

As old timers use to say, “They aren’t making any more land. Get all you can!”

There are many benefits to owning land. First, land ownership gives the owner peace of mind. As a long-term, tangible asset, raw land doesn’t wear out or depreciate, and there is nothing that can be stolen or broken on it. It is a limited resource that is relatively inexpensive to own and requires little maintenance. In other words, it is a relatively hands-off investment. There is also little competition in the land market as most real estate investors are focused on investments such as rental and commercial properties.

Contrary to popular belief, there is a large profit to be made in land ownership, but it is not a get rich quick scheme. There are multiple benefits of investing in Land. Below are few benefits experts have identified as reasons you should consider investing in Land:

1.     Land is a Limited Resource: Earth is not getting any larger and with global warming causing oceans to rise, we are actually losing dry land.

2.     Land Deals on a Budget: The main benefit of investing in land is that there are land deals available for almost any budget, making it affordable for many investors. Recognizing the right opportunity is key for a skilled land investor:

a.      They can find deals at low prices and determine what to do with after purchase.

b.     Land deals offer a level of freedom that other properties do not offer.

c.      There is minimum maintenance required.

d.     You can space out your time, money, and efforts on your plans for the land.

3.     Having a Peace of Mind: Unlike a home or a business, you do not have to working about someone breaking in and destroying your vacant land.

4.     Less Competition in Land Investments: Most real estate investors are focused on other aspects of real estate, such as the residential or commercial markets. The benefits of investing in land in often not understood and this is where you come in. There are many examples of investors blazing successful new trails. Going the same direction as everyone else is not always the right answer.  That is where most of your competition is locate.  Find unique and profitable opportune and may your own path.

5.     Multiple Profit Opportunities: Here is a simple comparison – let us say that you are a real estate investor choosing between a downtown property and an attractive piece of land. Due to the high interest, the odds are you will overpay the downtown property and end up with a small profit in the end. But if you purchase land and adapt it for the upcoming buyer, the total project cost will be smaller, and the profit can be bigger.

Owning land has many advantages, from being a safe investment for money and tax benefits, to raising a family and building a life. The opportunities and freedom that owning land offers is unparalleled to any other tangible thing. Owning land is something humans have done since the beginning of time and is one of the very few things that can be passed from generation to generation. If you yearn to own your life, then owning land is a great way to start.