Florida Military Expert Class

The Florida Military Expert Course

3 Hour CE Credit

  • FREC Course # 0026851

  • Live Stream FREC Course # 0026886

Course Description:

A Hyper-Local Approach, there is a lot more than meets the eye when one considers Florida’s Military Community and that is where this course comes into play. I have been working with Florida’s Military Community for the past 30+ years in one form or another. And I am going to share with you with you the insight and knowledge to also become a Florida Military Expert and to close more military real estate deals.


  • A Basic Farming Review

  • The Different Military Branches in Florida: including Active, Guard, Reserve & Recruiting

  • Florida Military History, Lineage, Etiquette and Rank

  • Understanding the Difference between Active, Guard, Reserve, Veteran and Retired Military

  • Identifying Local Military Population by Type and Count

  • Florida Benefits for the Military Community

  • Veteran Organizations for the Florida Military Community

  • Farming the Florida Military Community

  • Marketing to the Military Community