Solar Homes Class

The Solar Home Can of Worms

2 Hour CE Credit

  • FREC Course # 0027028

  • Live Stream FREC Course # 0027029

Course Description:

Solar Energy is a popular eco-friendly alternative power option for Florida Homeowners. In this class we will primarily be talking about Solar Panels. Solar panels are the devices that convert sun light into electricity. If solar panels are installed on a property that you are working with, there are key items that you as a Realtor® will need to know to better help your seller or buyer. Primarily, you should inquire about the terms under which the solar panels were installed, how to transfer the ownership or lease, and any costs associated with the transfer.

However, there are several items to consider when installing solar, and when selling or buying a Solar Home. So, we are going to open this Solar Home Can of Worms and discuss these items in this class.


  • Understand Solar Energy Pros and Cons

  • Understand Obstacles to Selling or Buying a Solar Home

  • Understand Solar Ownership Options

  • Understand Home Mortgages and Solar Energy

  • Know What a Realtor® Needs to Know about Solar Homes

  • Understand Estimating a Solar Home Value

Published Article

I wrote an article on the this course that was published in the Florida Realtors Magazine's Oct 2022 edition.